Sociology of Technology and Robotics

Tel.Nr.: 0176 9999 13 82
Raum: EN 268

Research Interests

  • Social-robotics & Human-Robot-Interaction
  • Social Theory (STS, System Theory)
  • Qualitative Research, Videography


  • Compagna, D., Weidemann, A., Marquardt, M., & Graf, P. (2016). Sociological and Biological Insights on How to Prevent the Reduction in Cognitive Activity that Stems from Robots Assuming Workloads in Human–Robot Cooperation. Societies, 6(4), 29.
  • Graf, P., Marquardt, M., & Compagna, D. (2017). On the Attempt to Implement Social Addressability within a Robotic System. i-com, 16(2), 71-85.


  • „Sociological Remarks on Repetition and Variation in Human-Robot-Cooperation“
    @ Robophilosophy 2018 in Vienna


  • „Social Factors and Effects of Technology Development – An Introduction“
    Introductory Workshop with MINT students focused on gender aspects of technology development. SummerSchool Contribution „RoBros: Man’s Next BEST Friend“ @RWTH Aachen